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    Effect device GX-K8

    Effect device GX-K8


    Effect device


    ● PK exclusive weapon: a custom password can prevent entering the machine and computer interface to operate and read parameters.

    ● Built-in engineering lock function, you can set a password, and customize the number of startups.

    ● Karaoke effector with speaker processor function, each function can be adjusted independently.

    ● Adopt 24Bit data bus and 32Bit DSP.

    ● MUSIC is equipped with 7-segment parameter equalization. Music to the main output high-pass filter: 12dB-24dB (0Hz-303Hz)

    ● MIC is equipped with 15-band parametric equalization, and the microphone has compression limiting function.

    ● The main output is equipped with 5-band parametric equalization, and the main output has a compression limiter function.

    ● The center output, rear output and subwoofer are all equipped with 3-band parametric equalization.

    ● There are 4 kinds of feedback suppression for the microphone, and OFF 1 2 3 can be selected.

    ● 15 modes can be stored.

    ● Microphone output, main output, center output, subwoofer output, and rear output are all equipped with pressure limit and delay functions.

    ● Built-in manager mode and user mode, the user mode cannot be stored after adjusting the parameters.

    ● This machine has a full-function menu, which can also be set through the PC interface.

    ● Optical or coaxial input interface. (Optional)

    ▼Technical parameters

    Maximum input level: 4V (RMS)

    Maximum output level: 4V (RMS)

    Music gain: MAX: 12dB

    Microphone sensitivity: 64mV (Out: 4V)

    Signal to noise ratio: >80dB

    Power supply: 220VAC50Hz

    Size: 483218.547.5mm

    Net weight: 3.5KG



        ● QQ :2853265911

        ● Phone :86-0750-7781218


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