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    True diversity microphone X5.0

    True diversity microphone X5.0





    1. True diversity microphone adopts 23-level electronic volume control, simple matching

    2. Adopting true diversity receiving technology, with a wide open space to a maximum operating distance of 300 meters

    3. With one-key automatic search for idle frequency points, one-key lock button function

    4.300 sets of infrared frequency points, universal in hand meter, strong anti-interference ability

    5. The transmitter LCD displays the channel and battery level, and the battery will automatically shut down when the low voltage flashes to 1.8V

    6. Equipped with feedback howling suppression and weakening function, which can effectively reduce the feedback howling

    7. The microphone is suitable for large and small stages, conference halls, etc.

    ▼System indicators:

    Frequency range: 735-795MHz

    Modulation method: Broadband FM

    Adjustable range: 60MHz

    Number of channels: 300

    Channel spacing: 200KHz

    Frequency stability: within ±0.005%

    Dynamic range: >105dB

    Maximum frequency deviation: ±45KHz

    Audio response: 40Hz-18KHz (±3dB)

    Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: >110dB

    Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.2%

    Working temperature: -25℃--+40℃

    Receiver index:

    Receiver mode: double conversion superheterodyne

    Input power: 5W

    Intermediate frequency: the first intermediate frequency: 110MHz, the second intermediate frequency 10.7MHz

    Wireless interface: BNC/50Ω

    Sensitivity: 12 dBμV (80dBS/N)

    Sensitivity adjustment range: 10-32dBμV

    Spurious suppression: ≥95dB

    Maximum output level: +10 dBV


    Antenna program: wearable transmitter adopts 1/4 wavelength whip antenna, handheld microphone built-in antenna

    Output power: 20mW

    Spurious suppression: -60dB

    Power supply: two AA batteries

    Use time: about 8-10 hours



        ● QQ :2853265911

        ● Phone :86-0750-7781218


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