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    About Us

    Founded in 2001, Guanxing Electronics has become a major manufacturer of electro-acoustic systems. Whether it is a self-entertaining singer or a seasoned performer, using the Guanxing electroacoustic system, you can be like an artist.

    With years of accumulated experience, Guanxing Electronics has an excellent international reputation in terms of quality, reliability and value. This is not only due to the continuous rapid growth, but also because the founder of Guanxing Electronics has always adhered to very strict quality standards and an endless spirit of innovation. From the beginning of the introduction of reliable dynamic microphones to disco entertainment departments and karaoke clubs, to now entering the field of wireless systems, Guanxing Electronics has been an advocate of electro-acoustic technology, and has always put the needs of users in an important position. Due to the persistent focus on the research and development of new technologies and providing better services to users, Guanxing Electronics has been able to grow rapidly in the world market.

    The products that Guanxing Electronics provides to hobbyists and amateurs include wireless microphone systems, wired microphone systems, conference microphone systems and electro-acoustic accessories, from single products to complete sets of products, Guanxing Electronics can provide!

    If you want to get more information about Guanxing Electronics or are interested in becoming a distributor of Guanxing Electronics products, please send an email to:

    electro-acoustic systems

    ● QQ :2853265911

    ● Phone :86-0750-7781218


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